48 hours in Manchester

Hey everyone!

So back in August, my very best friend Shauna left to move over to Manchester with her boyfriend, Darragh. So in January, we finally got a chance to go over and visit after all the craziness of Christmas. Myself, My boyfriend and my two friends decided to double date over to see them! We flew over with a cheap and cheerful flight with Ryanair, flying out on the Friday evening. We were very lucky to all be able to stay with our friends so didn’t have to worry about booking any accommodation and we were only about 15 minutes away from all the main areas. We arrived in Manchester at around 7pm and a few of us went straight out to Sakana, which is an Asian restaurant/cocktail bar. I got the beef ribeye in blackbean sauce with XO chicken & asparagus rice and it was to kill for! the beef was cooked perfectly and the rice was so well flavoured. The cocktails were gorgeous too.

We then went to go into a few late bars/clubs but be warned they are very strict on dresscode, we were refused from everywhere because the boys had runners on! We then ended up just going for a few drinks in MOJO which is a cocktail bar. This place is really laid back, relaxed and the perfect place to go if you want to dance on the tables and have a messy night, that’s what everyone in the place did!

The next day we got up, severely hungover, for me and the girls to go into Trafford Centre to get our make up done for the night and do some shopping! We pre booked our make up months in advance since MAC is the same in every city, impossible to get an appointment, so make sure to drop in and pre pay to hold your place. For someone who’s never been to Trafford Centre this was heaven on earth for me! This place is like a small city! They have absolutely everything and the best stock too. The Missguided section in Selfridges was were I mainly wanted to visit and it has everything from shoes to jackets  to dresses for nights out! I would go back just for a shopping day to here.

We then went to Blackburn for the day to watch Darragh, play in the Blackburn VS Birmingham game at the Ewood park stadium, which was so exciting to get to see and after this we planned to go for dinner but opted for a quick Dominos instead!


We then went into Tattu in Manchester to meet some of their friends. I loved Tattu, it has a ship wreck kind of theme to it and serves late food and has endless cocktails to choose from. I can’t comment on the food since we didn’t eat there but I it doesn’t disappoint. If you do go to Tattu make sure to have an ‘Old school rose,’ I loved these! They also had ‘Skull Candys’ which were made with vodka, bubblegum and strawberries which looked as good as they probably tasted!

We then moved on to the famous Bijou nightclub which is also strict on dresscode, so men, make sure to have your nice shoes and shirt out! We booked a table in the Shisha lounge where you get shisha on your table too. You order whatever bottle you want and pay in advance and it was probably the same size as my arm! You then just pay for your mixers and extra shisha liquid on the night. Make sure to book Tattu or Bijou well in advance if you want a table, they book out insanely quick!

The next day we went back into Trafford Centre for some food. They have a huge food hall and even a bar just incase! We went to Las Iguanas which was carribean food and it was dreamy! The portions are absolutely massive which is a huge plus in my eyes. I wanted to get the Jerk chicken and curly fries, but my hangover could only handle the curly fries! Everyone else’s meals looked amazing!

Then to make our day an extra fat one we ordered a Chinese from ‘Happy Seasons’. These portions were even bigger and better. Between the nightlife, cocktails, shopping and food portions I fell in love with Manchester. I feel like I’m talking about eating way too much in this post but anyone who reads my blog in the first place won’t be surprised by this crazy love for all kinds of food! We flew home at 10pm Sunday night with Aer Lingus, which was perfect since we then had the day to chill out.

Long story short, We all had an amazing weekend and I will be back anytime I can be! Definitely try it out for a girls/boys or couples trip away, it will not let you down 🙂

Just Jodie x


no photos above were taken myself. Photo credit to Sakana, Tattu, manchesterbars, Missguided, Bijou nightclub, Las Iguanas, MOJO, FGG and Trafford Centre.


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