A night at the Druid’s Glen Resort

Hey everyone!

So in November, I took a week of holidays off work. It was my birthday that weekend but I had nothing planned during the week. On the Wednesday I was lying around doing nothing, when my boyfriend rings me, telling me to pack my bags because he’s bringing me away for the night! I was absolutely delighted and I’ve never jumped out of the bed faster to pack my bags since we were leaving in the next 2 hours, don’t think he thought that one through considering it takes me a week to pack but anyway.. We started driving down the roads and all I had to go by was the sign posts as he wasn’t giving away where he was bringing me, until of course the Sat Nav ruined the surprise by telling us we were going to arrive at Druid’s Glen in 30 minutes time ha ha! This hotel is located just between the Wicklow mountains and The Irish sea.

We pulled up to the entrance where there is a long uphill drive through beautiful forests and countryside pathways where we were finally greeted by a huge green golf course and a stunning white hotel surrounded by trees and lakes and amazing views of the Wicklow mountains.


We couldn’t have come at a better time as the hotel was all decorated for Christmas and it was so cosy and festive inside. The hallway in this hotel was beautifully decorated, with a sleigh, reindeer’s, Christmas trees, wreath and lights everywhere. It is probably the most relaxing hotel I’ve stayed in as everywhere you go whether it’s for drinks, breakfast, dinner or even for a swim you have such an amazing view of the mountains from the wide windows all over. The décor in the lounge is brick walls, wooden floors, wooden ceilings, leather couches and wide wooden paned windows looking out at the most stunning surroundings. The rest of the hotel is a lot more modern which I loved as you get a glimpse of the countryside while the rooms and hallways are more fresh and modern.

When we arrived we went for lunch in the bar, I had chicken wings, chips and a sneaky sticky toffee pudding for dessert and both were delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking of that pudding!

Our room was so spacious and clean and had amazing views outside! the bathroom was also huge which is also a plus. We went down to the pool area after our lunch and drinks and there is a perfect pool area with scenic views of the outskirts, a jacuzzi and a steam room. Although the Jacuzzi wasn’t working while we were there 😦 there is also a gym and a spa area, both were not used by us though since we were too busy eating and drinking!

That night we got ready for dinner and arrived downstairs to the nicest dining room which was all lit up with Christmas lights and really nicely decorated. Now I won’t lie if you are anyway fussy when it comes to food this menu is not for you! I’m not usually fussy at all when it comes to food but I did struggle to find something on this menu for me. I didn’t fancy any of the starters so went for the safe option of the steak! The steak was gorgeous and cooked perfectly but was very small. So I went for a sponge cake with strawberries and passion fruit cream with ice cream after to fill the gap! This was delicious, they also gave us a miniature cake at the end of our meal which was made of beetroot and honeycomb! I’m not a fan of beetroof but Damien loved it!

Overall this hotel had pretty much anything you could possibly look for. The staff were also some of the friendliest and most welcoming staff I’ve ever come across. I couldn’t really fault this hotel and I would return here anytime! For me it was deserving of all 5 stars.

Thanks for reading,

Jodie x


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