Blissful brows & shimmery shellac

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday so I decided to book in for some beauty treatments before my nights out for celebrations. When I couldn’t get any appointments in my usually go-to beauty salons it led me to find my new found love for a different beauty salon..



How and why have I not been here before is the only question on my mind?

I rang up to book into Sugardolls in Blanchardstown for a ‘brow shape/wax and tint’ and a ‘2 week shellac manicure.’ The salon is absolutely gorgeous with such girly and fun interior and the staff are all friendly and professional. Here is a quick run through of what’s involved in these treatments 🙂


There are two Sugardolls beauty salons oppositely facing each other in Blanchardstown shopping centre, my first appointment was in one store for my shellac nails. They had endless amounts of colours to choose from and also stock two different brands of nail polish. I went for a bright red with a glitter running through it. I usually always get a 2 week shellac polish and it usually lasts a maxium of 7 days if not less, this manicure lasted me 3 weeks!!! I then only had to remove it due to slight chipping! I also work in retail doing lots of deliveries and merchandising so i usually blamed my nails not lasting down to that! this is also the first time that I’ve ever gotten shellac that my nails haven’t gone weak or broken after having the shellac on for this time! This is definitely my new nail bar. The total cost for the nails was €30.


My second appointment was over in the salon opposite the last one which was for a ‘brow shape/wax and tint.’ Now I have been getting HD brows for the last 3 years or so (when I do have time to keep going to get them done) so I was very reluctant to go for a different method. For anyone who doesn’t know, HD Brows involves plucking, threading, waxing and tinting, whereas this would just involve the plucking, waxing and tinting without the threading. I thought threading was a great method so that’s why I wasn’t too keen on going without it. After going without the threading method I have to admit I’m beginning to think the whole HD brows and threading is a bit of a myth! After getting my HD brows done for 3 years, if not longer, this was the first time people ever really complimented my brows. The day I got them done everyone noticed a change straight away and I noticed myself I had a completely different shape that I just thought my brows couldn’t get. I also found that my hairs took much longer to grow back and I have still only tidied them up once since getting them done 4 weeks ago! So this for me was amazing. The most shocking part is all of this was just for €18 whereas I used to pay €30/€40 just for the extra threading. I would definitely recommend going here. Here are some photos to give you an idea. They look very dark in some of them but they get lighter days after and also look a lot darker without make up!

This salon also does spray tanning, waxing, pedicures, lashes and micro zone treatments so I will be back to try some more treatments!

Click here to view their facebook page, they also have salons in the pavillons, on henry street and liffey street.

Just Jodie x


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