My go-to skincare

I always find skincare very tricky, there has been so many times where I think I’ve found one that suits my skin but then I break out in spots, bumps or dry patches. If like me, you suffer from both dry skin but also have oily breakouts, I think Kiehls Ultra facial cream is the way to go for you! This moisturiser feels very light and smooth on the skin. It is grease free and makes my skin feel like silk. It is made especially for skin that is in between oily and dry, so ‘normal skin’ as they call it.

I always suffered from dry patches on my cheeks and in my eyebrows from using make up products, but ever since I started using this cream I have not been getting any at all. When I do use this product every single night for a week or two my spots/black heads also completely go away. I am very bad for having a skincare routine though as I work different hours all the time so tend to go out straight from work a lot or else I belly flop straight into bed without even taking off my make up. Considering I don’t even use it the way I should be, I’d say it would work wonders if I did. It has definitely made a huge change in the dryness of my skin so I will be getting myself into a proper routine to make sure my skin stays this way.

This is perfect for a day time cream to put on before your foundation but I also use it before bed. It lasts 24 hours and you really don’t have to use much. I’ve had mine about 6 months now and it looks barely even touched so you would definitely get a year atleast out of this cream. For €28.50 for a 50ml and €54 for a 125ml it really is a great investment 🙂 I picked up mine at Arnotts in store but you can buy yours online here.



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