A week of fun,cocktails & sun: Tenerife


Why Tenerife:

So last year me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to go on a relaxing week holiday where we could chill out and have nice meals but yet have the options of good nightlife around us and also have lots of things to do during the day (easy to please I know!). So after searching multiple places on sites like tripadvisor and booking.com I eventually started looking into Tenerife. Playa De Las Americas seemed to definitely have all the nightlife we were looking for but couldn’t find somewhere really nice to stay, that’s when I came across Adeje. Adeje is an area just about 15 minutes out of Playa De Las Americas and it is beautiful! The hotels were absolutely gorgeous and there was lots of nice restaurants and cocktail bars and there was so many excursions, more so than any other place I came across in most islands or countries. We then decided it definitely had everything we wanted.

Where we stayed:

After looking into a few lovely hotels we decided to go for the 5* Iberostar Torviscas Playa hotel which was located right on Fanabe beach. It was such a lovely hotel and we couldn’t have asked for more really. We flew out at the end of July so the weather was amazing all week. The airport is only about a 20 minute taxi to the hotel so it was all perfectly located. The pool/sunbathing area was so nice and they had a football area, a tennis court, snooker tables and a game room aswell as buffets, kid clubs and pool bars. The reception bar also stayed open for most of the night so you could have drinks when you arrive back to the hotel. We never really stayed for dinner or drinks in the hotel in the evening as Adeje had so many nice restaurants and bars that we went there all the time. We then always went to the strip in Playa De Las Americas at night time which has loads of bars with dangerously cheap drink so you can’t go wrong!



Spending money:

Tenerife is hands down the cheapest place I’ve ever been on holiday in my life. You can get a 3 course meal in most restaurants for 7.95! And that’s including a fillet steak and chips main course! drink is also so cheap, we mainly spent our money on excursions so you really wouldn’t need much spending money. We also didn’t have one bad meal which is pretty impressive considering the price.


There are soo many excursions to do in Tenerife including things like Jet skiing, paragliding, snorkelling, boat tours, dolphin and whale watching, sightseeing tours and then places like Siam Park (Water/Theme park) and Loro Parque (Zoo/Aquarium) and monkey parks. We decided to do a boat tour out to see the dolphins and whales and to turtle beach.

Boat Tour:

The boat tour was about 40 euro each and that included a 3 and a half hour boat journey with free drink and food. If you get sea sick I definitely wouldn’t go on this as once you’re on it you are there for the 3 and a half hours! A lot of people regretted going on the boat the day we went as it was so rocky and the majority of the people on the boat spent the whole time with their head looking into their sick bag! ha ha. It was so amazing how close we got to all the whales, there must have been hundreds of them and they were literally all around our tiny boat! We didn’t get to see any dolphins as they has moved on to another place :(. We then got to turtle beach where everyone gets out of the boat and jumps into the water where it is very salty so you pretty much float. You can snorkel here for a few minutes if you fancy it too.They also showed us hippy island which is basically a place where loads of nudists live and don’t believe in leaving which was insane! They give you beers or wines the entire boat trip and then loads of food and music on the way back so I thought it was well worth the trip. You can either go in a boat with 8 people or one with 20 or more. I would definitely recommend going with the 8 as it seems like a much better experience and I’ve heard that the bigger boat can be a bit much with all the sea sickness.


Loro Parque:

Loro Parque is a massive zoo/aquarium that has every animal/reptile/mammal you can think of. It is absolutely huge and you book a bus to pick you up and leave early in the morning to be picked up around 8 hours later. We thought this was way too much time but it actually wasn’t considering how much there was to do. The place is absolutely huge and there are loads of different restaurants/shops and bars. There is then a massive zoo which is better than any zoo I’ve ever seen. They then have sea lion, dolphin, whale and bird shows etc. are all so cool to see how amazingly smart all these animals are and how they are able to interact in the shows, but of course it is also very cruel to make them perform and to have them housed in these tiny areas so I don’t know if I would return for those reasons. The whale shows includes all kinds of performances and tricks, the sea lions put on an amazing show reacting to music, the dolphins do so many tricks, and the birds perform in a comedy show which is more so for children. The main reason I also wanted to go to this park was to see the shark tanks and these were unreal! the aquarium was obviously better than anywhere I had been before and they had actual tunnels where you could walk through shark tanks! Overall it was a really good day out and was well worth the money!

Overall Review:

This place had everything we were looking for for a cheap, relaxing, fun and activity based holidays so I would definitely recommend Adeje to all couples and probably Playa De Las Americas if you want a more lively hotel. It would also be perfect for a girls or lads holiday! I would 100% return.

Thanks for reading!

Jodie x







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