Hello everyone! It’s been too long since I’ve written a blog post, so I thought I would come on and fill you all in and what I’ve been up to lately, starting with an amazing five-day holiday!

Myself and my boyfriend decided to book Lisbon early in the year as we had heard such good things! We really wanted a pool as we wanted a nice relaxing holiday, however we struggled to find a nice hotel, in the city centre with a pool. We ended up getting flights for great value and came across a lovely hotel called ‘Hotel Mercure’ a little outside of the city centre. It had great reviews and didn’t seem like too much of a distance so we went ahead and booked this on

We booked flights leaving on Wednesday the 24th of May and returning on Sunday the 28th. In my opinion, this was the perfect amount of time to spend here. When we arrived on the Wednesday, the weather was amazing and we got a taxi for around ‚ā¨15 from the airport to our hotel. We were really happy with our hotel when we pulled up, it looked clean, well decorated and very modern. However, we didn’t seem to be around much liveliness and we soon found out that although it was rated as a great location online it was actually a 20 minute taxi away from most tourist attractions which isn’t¬†ideal when you’re there for such a short period of time, as you can’t walk anywhere. It didn’t bother us much as taxis were cheap and always available but if I were to return I would want to be closer to the city centre. Despite this we loved our room and the pool area was beautiful to have in a city! I would definitely recommend this hotel to others! The pool area is on a rooftop and opens until 9pm every day as Lisbon is still hot in the evening time, in fact sometimes a lot higher temperature after 3pm. It looks out over the entire city and you can ring downstairs to reception to have cocktails delivered up..the dream!

I found Lisbon one of the hardest cities to navigate around as everyone is quite spread out. This isn’t a bad thing as there is just so many stunning places to visit but I think it is somewhere that is great to have some advice and tips going to so you don’t miss out on all the hidden gems! Thankfully one of my dad’s friend’s is married to a woman from Lisbon and he sent me an email full of things to do, which I will now pass on to you all !



Areas of Alfama e Castelo

This area is one of the most scenic parts of Lisbon. It is a huge tourist attraction and you could stroll around for hours on end, every corner is as beautiful as the next. You can get a taxi or take a tram from Baixa (downtown) and get out when you reach the top of the hill at Miradouro de Santa Luzia. There is a little church here and on your right hand side after the church there is a patio giving you a view of the town and tagus. Lisbon is covered in bright purple Jacaranda trees and you will see them blooming all over the city from this viewpoint.

Castelo De Jorge is just around the corner, an old castle which also has a sightseeing patio, It is ‚ā¨17 in here. You can walk all around the ancient castle.

There is a beautiful bar/restaurant/circus school a five-minute walk from here which serves argentinian¬†tapas called Chapito. Don’t be fooled by the downstairs as this is the circus school part, you will be guided upstairs to eat with again, a stunning view. I could have eaten everything on the menu.

There is also a lovely spot called Esplanada Das Portas do Sol which serves drinks and little bites and has couches to lay on and swings!

You will see lots of trams, segways and oldschool mopeds! this is their way of living.


Area Chiado

Chiado is a square bang in the middle of downtown. It has lots of bars with strong cocktails! There is¬†a place in the corner of the Rossio square which serves a strong cherry liquor called ‘ginginha’, it is just beside a hat shop and you just get it and leave, it is traditional is Lisbon. They have lots of boutqiues in this area also and you will also notice shops which look like amusement centres but when you enter they are actually a whole shop dedicated to cans of sardines! There are thousands of tins of sardines in the stores and you can go look at the tin with your date of birth on it and it has lots of facts about the day you were born. These are all over Lisbon, strange but worth seeing. They also sometimes have food markets around this area on a Sunday which is really cool, they have lots of fruit, meat and sangria stalls.

You can also get the elevator of Santa Justa in this area, which looked absolutely terrifying to me but is meant to be great to do if you have the courage.

Try to go to Mezo Giorno pizzeria and cocktail bar, the cocktails are so refreshing and the pizzas were so fresh and thin crusted! The cocktails were much nicer and cheaper here than the main square.

Area Bairro Alto

This area is all about the nightlife! It was one of my favourite parts of Lisbon, it is so lively at any time of the day and there are endless bars and restaurants to choose from! We did come across some pretty bad food in tourist areas of Lisbon so make sure to check out restaurants on tripadvisor before trying, we learned our lesson after our first two days of taking chances!

My favourite food we had all week was in Alto do Bairro, a tapas bar in the middle of Bairro Alto. It is absolutely tiny with only six tables (two outdoors) and you cannot book it, as it is so popular, you just queue and wait and it is worth every minute! We ordered 6 tapas between us, prawns in garlic and chilli, chicken satay skewers, calamari, garlic cheese beard, garlic cheese bread with iberio ham and cooked potatoes with a ranch sauce. We were absolutely stuffed and still ordered more again and it was so cheap! everything was cooked to perfection, do not go to Lisbon without going here, trust me!

We then went to O Bom, O Mau, O Vileo (The good, the bad and the ugly) on Rua do Alecrim and this street was full of cocktail bars and clubs. This cocktail bar was like an old house with live DJ’s playing every hour and it was so chilled. Every room was different, it reminded me of a much more calm replacement¬†of the old¬†‘Lost Society.’ The cocktails were so nice too!

There are lots of great Irish bars in this area also, for anyone who’s boyfriend panicks after a few hours to find one for a match, like mine!

Area Rato e Amoreiras

This place is a perfect example of why a bit of advice beforehand goes a long way! We never would have come across this amazing, quiet area if my dad’s friend¬†hadn’t advised me. We came here on our last night and it was one of my favourite nights. We booked dinner in a more up market restaurant here called Casa da Comida after hearing great things, while yes it was expensive, it was worth every penny! The food here was to die for and I loved the decor and peaceful vibes here, they sit you in the beautiful garden to wait to be seated and the restaurant is covered in chandeliers and has a little book where all guests can write messages, I would return again and again!

We then went to my favourite bar in Lisbon, Procopio! this bar opened in 1972 and is one of the smallest bars in Lisbon. It is a two minute walk from the restaurant, make sure to ring the bell to be let in! It is so old fashioned in side, lit¬†by tiny lamps on each table, the waiters serve you in tuxedos and bowties and they make all cocktails from fresh fruit infront of you, accompanied by freshly made popcorn each¬†time! The staff are so lovely and they make any cocktail you name! It is also legal to smoke indoors in Lisbon, by choice of the pub for anyone who wasn’t aware. We were surprised to walk into The Corner Irish pub on our first night to see everyone lighting up around us!


Lisbon Zoo

The¬†Lisbon Zoo¬†was a 5 minute walk from our hotel and it was the prettiest zoo I’ve ever been to, it’s huge and has every animal you can name but is also surrounded by gardens and flowers and monuments. They have whale and dolphin shows, a petting zoo and lots of other things to see! It’s worth a visit for a day.


Avenida Da Liberdade

Avenida Da Liberdade is the high end area of Lisbon! This boulevard, built in the 19th century in the style of the Champs-Elysees in Paris, is the main avenue of the city.  This is where to go for all your fashion needs, from stores like Dior, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton to Zara, H&M etc they have everything you want. They are really ahead of the game with their fashion so I would take a few hours to see it all if I were you, I wanted EVERYTHING! It is just a short walk from Chiado.


All in all, Lisbon is a beautiful city with lots to offer!

Just Jodie x
















When in Clare…

Hey everyone!

So if you’ve been reading my last few blog posts you know all about my few days away travelling different places in western Ireland before we were going to attend our friend’s wedding in Doolin, Clare. I hadn’t been to Clare since I was a child so when we got the invite to the Doolin wedding, we thought why not take a few days and explore some new places?

We started off in Hotel Twelve, Barna in County Galway and travelled from there to the Hotel Armada in Milltown Malbay, County Clare. If anyone is reading this who has never been to Clare my advise is to drop everything and book a weekend away!

Clare is an absolutely beautiful county, there is so much to do and so many places to visit, especially when the sun comes out! so considering we were only here for a day before attending the wedding we tried to get as much as we could done. Milltown Malbay is somewhere you cannot miss when in Clare, the scenery is out of this world. You can read all about that in my previous blog post.

Next we thought, while we were here we couldn’t miss the famous Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher is obviously known all over the world and is only a half an hour drive from Milltown Malbay. It is ‚ā¨6 each to visit and¬†it is well worth it. We were so lucky to get the amazing weather which made¬†it all that much nicer. You are free to¬†stroll around for as long as you want and the views are just breath taking.¬†It’s crazy to think you¬†are still in Ireland. You can also get a tour guide if you would like to hear all the history about it but we just decided to stroll around and see it for ourselves.

After this we moved onto our last location, Doolin. I absolutely fell in love with Doolin and I think everyone did by the end of the weekend. It is the most laid back, quiet and beautiful little town I’ve ever seen. They have an amazing pier where you can even spot some dolphins and the relaxed atmosphere they have makes you just switch off completely and relax. There are no clothes shops/ ATM’s or even¬†barely any¬†takeaways so bring everything you would possibly need, but you might want to be prepared to kiss goodbye your trios or snackboxes for the weekend!

The wedding we were going to was on in the Doolin Hotel which is a gorgeous little hotel smack bang in the middle of the town. The wedding was amazing and was all outdoors and in a marque which couldn’t have been better for the weekend we had came for. The hotel was beautifully decorated and the wedding was arranged so well which such nice touches such as mojitos on arrival and flowers and chalkboards surrounding. It really made the weekend. We didn’t stay in this hotel as it was booked up for the wedding but I would definitely stay if I were to go back as it looks like a great atmosphere and the staff were lovely.

We did however stay in a B&B directly across the road called Cullinan’s Seafood restaurant & Guesthouse. This guesthouse was beautiful. The rooms were stunning, clean and spacious and there was gorgeous views out our windows. The lady who runs the guesthouse, Carol seemed absolutely lovely and although we weren’t there during the day or to try the food, the dining area looked amazing with such a lovely view of Doolin outside. I would definitely recommend this guesthouse if staying in Doolin.

We stayed in the marque for most of the night, but moved on to a lovely pub Fitzpatrick’s pub later in the night. The next day we went to for some lunch and drinks at McDermott’s pub and the food here was absolutely delicious. We then went back to the¬†Doolin hotel and Fitzpatrick’s pub again.

If any girls are actually going to¬†Clare for a wedding or event, I also couldn’t recommend the girls at the Lahinch Hair Boutique more! some of the nicest girls working there who can’t help you enough and know exactly what they are doing! You can find their facebook page here.

So we managed to fit in a lot in our three days here but I would 100% return to do it all over again and more. It was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time! I loved everything about Clare.

Thanks for reading,

Just Jodie x

The Armada hotel, Milltown Malbay

Hey everyone!

So, carrying on from my previous post ‘A night at The Twelve Hotel & Spa, Barna’ we decided to start travelling on the road and stay a night somewhere closer to our end destination, Doolin. We looked up a few hotels in the region of the area and came across The Armada hotel in Milltown Malbay, County Clare. Damien said he had heard good things about it and the pictures looked fab so we decided to book a one night stay here.

The drive from Barna was one of the most scenic and beautiful routes I’ve ever taken. The drive took about 2 hours and 15 minutes so it wasn’t too bad at all. The whole journey was along the coast and the weather was amazing so everything looked extra-gorgeous!

We pulled up to the hotel in the middle of the beautiful town Milltown Malbay, right in the centre of the Spanish point. The staff were so friendly and the inside of the hotel was so nice and cosy. We got such nice weather and we went straight downstairs to The Ocean bar and bistro for some lunch and some cocktails. Now I’m not one for seafood at all really but I loved the look of this restaurant, it had a kind of ship wreck theme, with netting hanging from the ceiling with starfish, swings made out of rope used as seating and a refreshing view¬†of the sea facing you as you dine. They also had such a countryside vibe even using hurls as doorstoppers!

I got smoked haddock & sweet potato fishcakes while Damien got the open burren smoked salmon and both were delicious, so fresh and falling apart in your mouth! perfect for lunch. I also ordered some strawberry daiquiris which were so nice and the barman even went to the effort of making me roses made out of strawberries to put into it! all in all I loved this bar/bistro.

The outside of this hotel was absolutely stunning, even nicer as we got the good weather, there are lots of benches to sit on while overlooking the sea and Milltown Malbay is such a lovely, relaxing and homely town in itself.

As we starting walking back to go up to our room we noticed double doors with the word ‘Johnny Burkes’ across it. We pushed open the doors to find the cutest little pub conjoined to the hotel. If we didn’t have a wedding the next day we would have stayed here all night. It was so cosy with trad music playing, the fire lighting, lights everywhere and old ornaments. The staff were also so chatty and welcoming and the drinks were so nice.

When we realised we had to stop with the rounds we went for dinner in the Pearl restaurant downstairs. The restaurant had a lovely lay out and perfect view of the sea¬†lit up at night. I opted for the chicken liver pate while Damien got the homemade beetroot ravioli. Damien loved his but I found my pate a bit too salty if I’m honest. We then went for the roasted supreme of chicken and fillet of beet and stout pie. These were both equally delicious. Overall the restaurant was lovely.

The only disappointments we had with this hotel were that there was no pool and the room was fairly small, although we did have a gorgeous view. I would definitely return to this hotel again even for the location, food and Johnny Burke’s alone.

Just Jodie x

A night at The Twelve Hotel & Spa, Barna

So a few months ago, myself and my boyfriend got an invite to¬†our friend’s¬†wedding in the Doolin Hotel, County Clare. Since we were going to be taking a few days off for the wedding, we decided why not take a few days extra and make a mini holiday out of it? I have never had a massage before so I suggested that we go to a nice hotel somewhere on the way to Clare with spa treatments available.

We began looking up hotels in Galway, Limerick and other areas when we came across somewhere we had never heard of before, The Twelve Hotel in Barna, Co.Galway. It looked absolutely beautiful, modern and relaxing and also had some good deals.We ended up booking a Wednesday night here for ‚ā¨250 which included a superior room in the 4 star hotel, a three course meal, breakfast, a late check out and two back, neck and shoulder massages in their spa!

So on Wednesday we pulled up to the gorgeous little town that is Barna, the sun was scorching and we were greeted by, honestly, the friendliest staff we have ever came across. They were so welcoming and chatty and offered us juice and brought us all the way to our door. We opened the door to find a gorgeous room, with a lovely view, a king size bed, an ipod docking station, a mini fridge full of beers and champagne etc and the best part of all, a card with a welcoming message to us and some freshly baked cakes and chocolates from the hotels very own bakery! We knew then we were in for a treat (excuse the pun).


They told us to get changed into our robes and make our way down to the Le Petit spa. Damien went first while I waited in the room and helped myself to some beers. The lovely masseuse, Lorraine then came to the room to bring me down for my treatment. I explained to Lorraine that I have never had a massage before and I get bad back pain from work etc. Lorraine was so welcoming and friendly and made me feel so comfortable the whole time. The massage was amazing and I felt so relaxed and refreshed after. I could feel all the knots loosening in my back and shoulders, it felt amazing. I left with so many tips from Lorraine, from where to shop, what to order in the restaurant and lots of tips about the skincare range they use¬†‘VOYA’. I could have came back for the treatment all over again the next day!

I then went back to the room and we got ready for dinner in the Pins restaurant. There are two restaurants in the hotel, ‘The Pins’ which is the bar menu and ‘The West’ which is more of a restaurant type of¬†setting. We never went to The West as we were only here for one night so I unfortunately can’t comment on the food there, but I imagine it would be delicious. I love my food and I always look up the menu before I go to the restaurant and decide what I’m having since I’m ridiculously indecisive, especially if it’s a good menu. I looked up the bar first on instagram and saw photos of the camembert starter which looked incredible¬†and some prawn and chorizo skewers with flatbeard which looked equally as good. My mouth was watering when¬†I was handed the menu until I realised that because we had gotten the deal with the meal included, the menu was slightly different (only slightly smaller) but my two favourite things were gone from the menu! This was literally the only negative part of the whole night. Although I’m sure the chef would have given it to me I didn’t want to be annoying so I ordered the honey glazed and bbq wings for the starter and the steak and chips with pepper sauce for the main.¬†I was actually almost happy that the choice for the menu changed at this point as they were the best wings I’ve ever had and the steak was cooked to perfection. The meal was amazing from start to finish and Damien felt the same. The kitchen was right beside the table so you could see your food being freshly prepared which is obviously great and they had their own wood stove pizza oven and Damien said the pizza was to die for! I then asked the waiter for the orange genoise cake for dessert and he replied ‘trust me, get the bread and¬†butter pudding with caramel sauce’ so I listened and it was beautiful, the caramel sauce was amazing and the pudding was nothing like I expected, it was fresh and air-like. The waiters were once again, extremely friendly and made the meal that much more enjoyable.

We then moved on to The Pins bar for drinks where they have over 500 drinks to choose from! this is no lie, there is easily 50 different whiskeys, gins, vodkas, cocktails, you name it! I opted for¬†a pornstar martini and they gave me a glass of Prosecco along with it¬†to ease the bitterness so I enjoyed both. I then got a bellini which was lovely too. I could have tried every cocktail. They also tell you to drink a lot of water after a massage to avoid dehydration, which of course we didn’t do so maybe try and drink water in between¬†to avoid the hangover, since we regretted that. We had such a good night here, I would recommend even coming to try the food even If you’re not staying in the hotel.

The next morning, while we were checking out we noticed that they had an area for pets. It turns out it is a pet friendly hotel so if you want to bring your dog/cat etc along for the weekend you can. Although if animals aren’t your thing, it wouldn’t matter as we didn’t see one animal the whole time. I assume they have a pet friendly seperate¬†side to the hotel.

When finished checking out, the receptionist offered us a free coffee in their bakery. We went around to the bakery and they had an amazing selection of fresh cakes to choose from, along with sweets and homemade chocolates. So we got some for the road. We also then noticed they have a pizzeria outdoors connected to the pins restaurant where you can get takeout pizza. This was called Pizza Dozzina. I loved all the nice little touches to the hotel. It really is a hidden gem.  The only thing I missed was not having a pool, but I suppose if the weather was good, the beaches make up for that.


We had to put our stay to¬†a quick finish as we moved onto Clare for the rest of the weekend, however I would 100% perfect return to this hotel and would love to see Barna and it’s beautiful beaches properly. It is a stunning hotel, with lovely views in itself but the finishing touches, amazing food¬†and lovely staff made it a goldmine for me.¬†Barna, we will be back! ūüôā

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48 hours in Manchester

Hey everyone!

So back in August, my very best friend Shauna left to move over to Manchester with her boyfriend, Darragh. So in January, we finally got a chance to go over and visit after all¬†the¬†craziness of Christmas. Myself, My boyfriend and my two friends decided to double date over to see them! We flew over with a cheap and cheerful flight with Ryanair, flying out on the Friday evening. We were very lucky to all be able to stay with our friends so didn’t have to worry about booking any accommodation and we were only about 15 minutes away from all the main areas.¬†We arrived in Manchester at around 7pm and a few of us went straight out to Sakana, which is an Asian restaurant/cocktail bar. I got the beef ribeye in blackbean sauce with XO chicken & asparagus rice and it was¬†to kill for! the beef was cooked perfectly and the rice was¬†so well¬†flavoured. The cocktails were gorgeous too.

We then went to go into a few late bars/clubs but be warned they are very strict on dresscode, we were refused from everywhere because the¬†boys had runners on! We then ended up just going for a few drinks in MOJO which is a cocktail bar. This place is really laid back, relaxed and the perfect place to go if you want to dance on the tables and have a messy night, that’s what everyone in the place did!

The next day we got up,¬†severely hungover, for me and the girls¬†to go into Trafford Centre to get our make up done for the night and do some shopping! We pre booked our make up months in advance since MAC¬†is the same in every city, impossible to get an appointment, so make sure to drop in and¬†pre pay to hold your place.¬†For someone who’s never been to Trafford Centre this was heaven on earth for me! This place is like a small city! They have absolutely everything and the best stock too. The Missguided section in Selfridges was were I mainly wanted to visit and it has everything from shoes to jackets¬† to dresses for nights out! I would go back just for a shopping day to here.

We then went to Blackburn for the day to watch Darragh, play in the Blackburn VS Birmingham game at the Ewood park stadium, which was so exciting to get to see and after this we planned to go for dinner but opted for a quick Dominos instead!


We then went into Tattu in Manchester to meet some of their friends. I loved Tattu, it has a ship wreck¬†kind of theme to it and serves late¬†food and has endless cocktails to choose from. I can’t comment on the food since we didn’t¬†eat there but I¬†it¬†doesn’t disappoint.¬†If you do go to Tattu make sure to have an ‘Old school rose,’ I loved these! They also had ‘Skull Candys’ which were made with vodka, bubblegum and strawberries which looked as good as they probably tasted!

We then moved on to the famous Bijou nightclub which is also strict on dresscode, so men, make sure to have your nice shoes and shirt out! We booked a table in the Shisha lounge where you get shisha on your table too. You order whatever bottle you want and pay in advance and it was probably the same size as my arm! You then just pay for your mixers and extra shisha liquid on the night. Make sure to book Tattu or Bijou well in advance if you want a table, they book out insanely quick!

The next day we went back into Trafford Centre for some food. They have a huge food hall and even a bar just incase! We went to Las Iguanas which was carribean food and it was dreamy! The portions are absolutely massive which is a huge plus in my eyes. I wanted to get the Jerk chicken and curly fries, but my hangover could only handle the curly fries! Everyone else’s meals looked amazing!

Then to make our day an extra fat one we ordered a Chinese from ‘Happy Seasons’. These portions were even bigger and better. Between the nightlife, cocktails, shopping and food portions I fell in love with Manchester. I feel like I’m talking about eating way too much in this post but anyone who reads my blog in the first place won’t be surprised by this crazy love for all kinds of food! We flew home at 10pm Sunday night with Aer Lingus, which was perfect since we then had the day to chill out.

Long story short, We all had an amazing weekend and I will be back anytime I can be! Definitely try it out for a girls/boys or couples¬†trip away, it will not let you down ūüôā

Just Jodie x


no photos above were taken myself. Photo credit to Sakana, Tattu, manchesterbars, Missguided, Bijou nightclub, Las Iguanas, MOJO, FGG and Trafford Centre.

A night at the Druid’s Glen Resort

Hey everyone!

So in November, I took a week of holidays off work. It was my birthday that weekend but I had nothing planned during the week. On the Wednesday I was lying around doing nothing, when my boyfriend rings me, telling me to pack my bags because he’s bringing me away for the night! I was absolutely delighted and I’ve never jumped out of the bed faster to pack my bags since we were leaving in the next 2 hours, don’t think he thought that one through considering it takes me a week to pack but anyway.. We started driving down the roads and all I had to go by was the sign posts as he wasn’t giving away where he was bringing me, until of course the Sat Nav ruined the surprise by telling us we were going to arrive at Druid’s Glen in 30 minutes time ha ha! This hotel is located just between the Wicklow mountains and The Irish sea.

We pulled up to the entrance where there is a long uphill drive through beautiful forests and countryside pathways where we were finally greeted by a huge green golf course and a stunning white hotel surrounded by trees and lakes and amazing views of the Wicklow mountains.


We couldn’t have come at a better time as the hotel was all decorated for Christmas and it was so cosy and festive inside. The hallway in this hotel was beautifully decorated, with a sleigh, reindeer’s, Christmas trees, wreath and lights everywhere. It is probably the most relaxing hotel I’ve stayed in as everywhere you go whether it’s for drinks, breakfast, dinner or even for a swim you have such an amazing view of the mountains from the wide windows all over. The d√©cor in¬†the lounge¬†is brick walls, wooden floors, wooden ceilings,¬†leather couches and wide wooden paned windows looking out at the most stunning surroundings. The rest of the hotel is a lot more modern which I loved as you get a glimpse of the countryside while the rooms and hallways are more fresh and modern.

When we arrived we went for lunch in the bar, I had chicken wings, chips and a sneaky sticky toffee pudding for dessert and both were delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking of that pudding!

Our room was so spacious and clean and had amazing views outside! the bathroom was also huge which is also a plus. We went down to the pool area after our lunch and drinks and there is a perfect pool area with scenic views of the outskirts, a¬†jacuzzi and a steam room. Although the Jacuzzi wasn’t working while we were there ūüė¶ there is also a gym and a spa area, both were not used by us though since we were too busy eating and drinking!

That night we got ready for dinner and arrived downstairs to the nicest dining room which was all lit up with Christmas lights and really nicely decorated. Now I won’t lie if you are anyway fussy when it comes to food this menu is not for you! I’m not usually fussy at all when it comes to food but I did struggle to find something on this menu for me. I didn’t fancy any of the starters so went for the safe option of the steak! The steak was gorgeous and cooked perfectly but was very small. So I went for a sponge cake with strawberries and passion fruit cream with ice cream after to fill the gap! This was delicious, they also gave us a miniature cake at the end of our meal which was made of beetroot and honeycomb! I’m not a fan of beetroof but Damien loved it!

Overall this hotel had pretty much anything you could possibly look for. The staff were also some of the friendliest and most welcoming staff I’ve ever come across. I couldn’t really fault this hotel and I would return here anytime! For me it was deserving of all 5 stars.

Thanks for reading,

Jodie x

Penneys SS17 collection

Hey everyone!

It has been way too long since I have written a blog post so I thought I would come on and speak to you all about the new Spring/Summer 17 collection in Penneys (Primark). The other day I popped in for a face mask, famous last words, when I came across the shoe section!

I got these padded on the inside, patent leather look boots with vertical zips down the front for only ¬†‚ā¨21! they are so comfy on and I’ve seen very similar styles in Zara, the dream!

Next up I got these comfy leather look boots with a wooden block heel for ‚ā¨23! they are so nice on with tights, leggings or jeans!

Then I also picked up a very similar pair except¬†knee ¬†high and suede. These were ‚ā¨28 and so nice on! I have skinny legs so I always find that¬†knee highs slip down on my legs but these always stay up. The best part was when I got to the till they were reduced to ‚ā¨9!

I also grabbed a pair of these gold shiny sliders with a white foam bottom to them, which I thought would be so handy for holidays and¬†they were just ‚ā¨5!


While I was walking to the till with my arms full with shoes, I saw the famous floral dress that everyone has been looking for so I also picked this up in a size 6 for ‚ā¨16.


I spotted this really comfy oversized¬†long jumper for lounging around in, in¬†a lovely peach colour for ‚ā¨8 and this is so much nicer on! I teamed it with a baggy oversized denim jacket, leggings and runners for a casual everyday look. I picked it up in a size 10 so it would be extra oversized.


I am definitely expecting an amazing SS17 collection for Penneys so I can’t wait to see the rest!

Just Jodie x

Blissful brows & shimmery shellac

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday so I decided to book in for some beauty treatments before my nights out for celebrations. When I couldn’t get any appointments in my usually go-to beauty salons it led me to find my new found love for a¬†different beauty salon..



How and why have I not been here before is the only question on my mind?

I rang up to book into Sugardolls in Blanchardstown for a ‘brow shape/wax and tint’ and a ‘2 week shellac manicure.’ The salon¬†is absolutely gorgeous with such girly and fun interior and the staff are all friendly and professional. Here is a quick run through of what’s involved in these treatments ūüôā


There are two Sugardolls beauty salons oppositely facing each other in Blanchardstown shopping centre, my first appointment was in one store for my shellac nails. They had endless amounts of colours to choose from and also stock two different brands of nail polish. I went for a bright red with a glitter running through it. I usually always get a 2 week shellac polish and it usually lasts a maxium of 7 days if not less, this manicure lasted me 3 weeks!!! I then only had to remove it due to slight chipping! I also work in retail doing lots of deliveries and merchandising so i usually blamed my nails not lasting down to that! this is also the first time that I’ve ever gotten shellac that my nails haven’t gone weak or broken after having the shellac on for this time! This is definitely my new nail bar. The total cost for the nails was ‚ā¨30.


My second appointment was over in the salon opposite the last one which was for a ‘brow shape/wax and tint.’ Now I have been getting HD brows for the last 3 years or so (when I do have time to keep going to get them done) so I was very reluctant to go for a different method. For anyone who doesn’t know, HD Brows involves plucking, threading, waxing and tinting, whereas this would just involve the plucking, waxing and tinting without the threading. I thought threading was a great method so that’s why I wasn’t too keen on going without it. After going without the threading method I have to admit I’m beginning to think the whole HD brows and threading is a bit of a myth! After getting my HD brows done for 3 years, if not longer, this was the first time people ever really complimented my brows. The day I got them done everyone noticed a change straight away and I noticed myself I had a completely different shape that I just thought my brows couldn’t get. I also found that my hairs took much longer to grow back and I have still only tidied them up once since getting them done 4 weeks ago! So this for me was amazing. The most shocking part is all of this was just for ‚ā¨18 whereas I used to pay ‚ā¨30/‚ā¨40 just for the extra threading. I would definitely recommend going here. Here are some photos to give you an idea. They look very dark in some of them but they get lighter days after and also look a lot darker without make up!

This salon also does spray tanning, waxing, pedicures, lashes and micro zone treatments so I will be back to try some more treatments!

Click here to view their facebook page, they also have salons in the pavillons, on henry street and liffey street.

Just Jodie x

Sephora shopping haul

If there’s one thing I can teach you today it’s that¬†when in Spain you HAVE TO¬†visit Sephora!

For some insane reason, Sephora has still not made it’s way to Irish soil, you can however purchase it online here. I always heard so much about Sephora but I didn’t really think it would live up to the hype. I was 100% wrong.. It has literally everything you could possibly want under one roof! It stocks the most wanted make up and beauty brands such as:



Beauty Blender

D & G

Bare Minerals


Bobbi Brown

Glam Glow



Kat Von D

Make up forever




Tom Ford

Urban Decay

Disney Collection





Anastasia Beverly Hills, just to name a few. I know, amazing.

While I was here I picked up these products:

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick:

I went for this¬†liquid lipstick in the shade Lottaya II.¬†This is a creamed¬†lipstick that goes on soft and smooth¬†but instantly turns to matte when applied. I absolutely love this, I wear it as an everyday lip colour, It lasts from morning to night and I found the colour similar to my favourite MAC lipstick in Velvet teddy, but with a slightly deeper orange/red tone to it. This is also available in Debenhams and I will be buying it in lots more shades. It is also only ‚ā¨20!

Glam glow thirsty mud treatment mask:

Glam glow is obviously a very popular brand at the moment but also quite expensive! I hadn’t purchased a product from there yet as I didn’t know which mask would suit my skin so didn’t want to splash out on one that didn’t suit. Sephora had a mini tub of 15ml for ‚ā¨21 so I picked this up to try out before investing in a bigger tub. I haven’t used it yet as I’ve been trying other skin products but I will pop up a review as soon as I do.


Make up forver Ultra HD foundation:

I heard so much raving about this foundation so I had to pick it up. I went for shade 120 in the ultra HD and I have been using it as a daily make up for work but I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I liked the packaging and I did love the fact that it was very smooth and felt light with not much scent as I don’t like very heavy or thick foundation¬†but unfortunately it didn’t last as long as I expected. It budged easy and it wasn’t a great coverage. I¬†would use this foundation as a light day time one but wouldn’t recommend it for a night out. If I had to compare it with another foundation I would say it is on par with Rimmel’s lasting foundation, however the price is quite different with the Make up forever foundation retailing at ‚ā¨39 while the Rimmel foundation is just ‚ā¨10.49! I found them pretty much identical.

There was so many¬†more products and brands to choose from and thankfully for my bank account the two Sephora stores we were in didn’t stock Anastasia Beverly Hills which is why I didn’t get my hands on¬†any of those products! So if your anywhere near a Sephora take a trip in!

Just Jodie x




Christmas gift ideas with a discount code to match!

Hello everyone ūüôā

So about a week ago the lovely people at Tully’s Pharmacy -Raheny¬†got in contact with me to ask me to check out their brand new online website. The pharmacy is an Irish¬†family run business, operating for the past 8 years, so I¬†logged on¬†to have¬†a look and¬†I was honestly immediately impressed! They stock lots of my favourite beauty brands such as Bellamianta, Cocoa Brown, Fuschia makeup, makeup revolution, NYX cosmetics, real techniques, SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, Sleek make up, Sally Hansen, The Balm, Victoria’s Secret and so many more!

They also carry a selection of products for men such as haircare, shaving and dental products and a range of¬†aftershaves.¬†On top of this they do accessories, suncare and dental products for children and lots of other necessities, so there’s something for everyone in the family and with next day delivery and free delivery for all orders over ‚ā¨50 makes it all the easier to do some quick shopping!

To keep up to date with what they have in store and online you can follow their facebook, instagram or twitter page ūüôā

I can’t believe I’m saying this but with Christmas being less than 5 weeks away, I’ve put together a wishlist of mine for Christmas gift ideas whether it’s for your girlfriend, sister, mother or friend you can’t really go wrong with all of these amazing stocking fillers..


Babyliss tight curls wand – ‚ā¨35.00

14971867_1334840516560772_896830930_nMakeup Revolution Ultra professional collection – ‚ā¨27.50

15128627_1334840463227444_751064302_nBellamianta luxury tanning kit (mousse)¬†– ‚ā¨34.00


Bellamianta luxury tanning kit (Lotion) – 28.00

15128738_1334840469894110_791408288_nSo Su Contour Palette – ‚ā¨29.95

15129867_1334840486560775_220031400_nAroma home ceramic mug with cosy socks – ‚ā¨12.99

15129788_1334840503227440_153709993_nMakeup Revolution luxe shade set (also comes in red) – ‚ā¨12.00


Easilocks Hair Hero – reduced from ‚ā¨129.00 to ‚ā¨93.00

15151021_1334840473227443_1723846908_nCocoa Brown the Goddess collection – ‚ā¨14.99

15151523_1334840476560776_1001515085_nBomb Cosmetics bath bomb set¬†– ‚ā¨8.00

15182542_1334840506560773_1682121949_oTed Baker polish and sparkle Christmas crackers (all containing a nail polish or fragrance surprise)¬†– ‚ā¨30.00

15139340_1334840536560770_134632749_nVictoria’s Secret fragrance mist (lots of different other scents)¬†– reduced from ‚ā¨12.50 to ‚ā¨11.00

15174545_1334840509894106_13391424_nRevolution lip trends – ‚ā¨10.00


Revolution ultra sculpt and blend collection brush set¬†– ‚ā¨24.99

And coming soon…

The sought after So Su highlighter kit to both in store and online!


To make all of this better I have been given a discount code which will be valid until the 9th of December so log on to their website to avail of this discount and don’t forget to use the code JustJodie10 at the checkout ūüôā

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas from it, thanks for reading! ūüôā xx